A COVID-vaccine being taken from a vial into a needle.


Get a COVID-19 vaccine or a COVID booster now to recharge your waning immunity.

Covid-19 Vaccines Overview

Get a COVID-19 vaccine or a COVID booster now to recharge your waning immunity.

By getting vaccinated or receiving a booster shot, you’re not only topping up any decreased immunity but also fortifying your defences against potential new variants of the virus. Here are some expanded points on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters:

  • Enhanced Protection Against Variants: COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are designed to enhance your immune response, offering increased protection against both the original virus and its emerging variants, which can be more contagious or severe.
  • Dual Defense with Flu Vaccination: It’s medically advised and safe to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster concurrently with the flu vaccine, maximising your protection against the respiratory illness season.
  • Critical for High-Risk Groups: The vaccines and boosters are especially vital for those at higher risk, including the elderly, immunocompromised individuals, and those with underlying health conditions, providing an essential safeguard against severe COVID-19 outcomes.

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